Data Communication and Networking for GTU ( VIII-ECE-2008 course )

By V.S.Bagad, I.A.Dhotre
Publisher: Technical Publications
ISBN: 9789333202367
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Introduction : Network hardware, Topology, Network software, Reference models, Example networks, Uses of computer networks, ARPANET, Connection oriented networks, X.25, Frame relay, ATM. Physical Layer : The theoretical basis for data communication, The public switched telephone network, The mobile telephone system. Data Link Layer : Data link layer design issues, Error detection and correction, Elementary data link protocols, Sliding window protocols, Example data link protocols. Medium Access Control Sub Layer : The channel allocation problem, Multiple access protocols, Ethernet, Wireless LANs, Broadband wireless, Bluetooth, RFID, Data link layer switching. Network Layer : Network layer design isues, Routing algorithms, Congestion control algorithms, Quality of service, Internetworking, The network layer in the internet. Transport Layer : The transport service, Elements of transport protocols, Congestion control algorithms, The internet transport protocols : UDP, The internet transport protocols : TCP, Performance issues, Delay tolerant networks. Application Layer : DNS. The domain name system, The world wide web, Real-time audio and video, Content delivery and peer-to-peer, SMTP and HTTP protocol. Network Security : Cryptography, Symmetric-key algorithms, Public-key algorithms, Digital signatures, Management of public keys, IPsec, Firewalls, Virtual private networks, Wireless security, Security issues and challenges in wireless networks, Authentication protocols, Email security, Web security, Social issues.
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Data Communication and...
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Data Communication and...
Introduction : Network hardware, Topology,...
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