Architecting Cloud SaaS Software: Solutions or Products: Engineering Multi-tenanted Distributed Architecture Software

By Sankaran Prithviraj
Publisher: Pearson India, 2016
ISBN: 9789332541658
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This book has been written from a practical perspective with case studies being used to explain most of the concepts for the benefit of IT professionals who engineer, architect or design cloud SaaS. Technical leads, architects, designers, software engineers and software developers also stand to benefit from this book.
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Table of Contents
Why this Book
About the Author
1 Introduction
2 Architecting Methods for Cloud SaaS Software – Solutions or Products
3 How Do Hypervisors Work? How Does IaaS Function?
4 Architecting Software Solutions for Public IaaS Cloud (without SaaS)
5 Characteristics of Cloud SaaS Sof tware
6 Cloud Compatibility Measure
7 Architecting SaaS Solutions for Cloud Using Semi-Cloud Compatible SBBs
8 Architecting Cloud SaaS Solutions with Cloud Non-Compatible Products
9 Architecting Cloud Compatible SaaS Software Products
10 Cloud Computing Reference Architecture
11 Architecting for Security in Cloud SaaS Software
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Architecting Cloud SaaS...
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Architecting Cloud SaaS...
This book has been written from a practica...
INR  295.00
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