Cryptography and Network Security

By Ajay Kumar, S.Bose
Publisher: Pearson India, 2016
ISBN: 9789332578814
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This book elaborates the basic and advanced concepts of cryptography and network security issues. It is user friendly since each chapter is modelled with several case studies and illustration. All algorithms are explained with various algebraic structures to map the theoretical concepts of cryptography with modern algebra. Moreover, all the concepts are explained with the secure multicast communication scenarios that deal with one to many secure communications.
Title Page
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Brief Contents
Foreword - 1
Foreword - 2
Chapter 1 Cryptography
Chapter 2 Mathematics of Modern Cryptography
Chapter 3 Classical Encryption Techniques
Chapter 4 Data Encryption Standard
Chapter 5 Secure Block Cipher and Stream Cipher Technique
Chapter 6 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Chapter 7 Public Key Cryptosystem
Chapter 8 Key Management and Key Distribution
Chapter 9 Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Chapter 10 Authentication Techniques
Chapter 11 Digital Signature
Chapter 12 Authentication Applications
Chapter 13 Application Layer Security
Chapter 14 Transport Layer Security
Chapter 15 IP Security
Chapter 16 System Security
Appendix: Frequently Asked University Questions with Solutions
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Cryptography and Network Security
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Cryptography and Network Security
This book elaborates the basic and advance...
INR  431.10
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