Non Conventional Energy Resources

By Sobh Nath Singh
Publisher: Pearson India, 2016
ISBN: 9789332559066
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With energy sustainability at the forefront of public discussion worldwide, there is a vital requirement to foster an understanding of safe alternative sources of energy such as solar and wind power. Tailored to the requirements of undergraduate students of engineering, Non-conventional Energy Resources provides a comprehensive coverage of the basic principles, working and utilization of all key renewable power sources—solar, wind, hydel, biomass, hyower and fuel cells. The book also consists of several solved and unsolved questions for thorough practice and revision.
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About the Author
Chapter 1: NCER—An Overview
Chapter 2: Energy from the Sun
Chapter 3: Solar Thermal Energy Collectors
Chapter 4: Solar Cells
Chapter 5: Hydrogen Energy
Chapter 6: Wind Energy
Chapter 7: Geothermal Energy
Chapter 8: Solid Wastes and Agricultural Refuse
Chapter 9: Biomass Energy
Chapter 10: Biogas Energy
Chapter 11: Tidal Energy
Chapter 12: Sea Wave Energy
Chapter 13: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Chapter 14: Fuel Cell
Chapter 15: Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Power Generation
Chapter 16: Thermoelectric Converters
Chapter 17: Thermionic Converters
Chapter 18: Concept of Energy Conservation and Energy Management
Chapter 19: Energy Conservation and Management in Different Energy Activity Sector
Appendix A Multiple Choice Questions Chapter Wise
Appendix B Multiple Choice Objective Questions on Energy Systems
Appendix C Terms and Definition
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Non Conventional Energy Resources
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Non Conventional Energy Resources
With energy sustainability at the forefron...
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