Fire in the Belly-Do you feel it?

By Narita
Publisher: Laxmi Publications Pvt Ltd, 2015
ISBN: 9789351382515
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Every individual has a "Fire in the Belly" that keeps tingling inside him. Some are aware of what the fire is, others are not. The irony is that even those who are aware of their deepest desire, seldom take steps to fulfil it, to quench that thirst and to utilize their potential fully.
Table of Content
Author's note
Chapter 1. Meet Yourself
Chapter 2. Know Yourself
Chapter 3. Trust Yourself
Chapter 4. Protect Yourself
Chapter 5. Boost Yourself
Chapter 6. Choose Fearlessness
Chapter 7. Believe it to Achieve it
Chapter 8. How Far will You Go?
Chapter 9. The Real Deal
Chapter 10. Write Your Own Story
Chapter 11. Road to Success
Chapter 12. Time Management
Chapter 13. No Excuses
Chapter 14. Ask and you Shall Receive
Chapter 15. Go All-in
Chapter 16. Be the Booster
Chapter 17. Sharpen Your Axe
Chapter 18. Rekindle Your Fire
Chapter 19. Celebrate the Win
Chapter 20. Find your Next Spark
Appendix I: Further Reading
Appendix II: Quotes that Transformed Me!!
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Fire in the Belly-Do you feel it?
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Fire in the Belly-Do you feel it?
Every individual has a "Fire in the Belly"...
INR  195.00
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