Life Skills to Excel in Life

By Dr J.N.Reddy
Publisher: Laxmi Publications Pvt Ltd, 2015
ISBN: 9789351382652
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This is not another book on self-development but the first-ever authentic resource book on 101 invaluable down-to-earth Life Skills! It is a result of intensive research by the author for over 20 years on several thousands of people of all professions. Every skill presented is highly practical, scientific and effective.
Table of Content
1. How to Excel in Life!
2. Set Your Goal
3. Programming the Mind
4. Work Effectiveness
5. Instant Energy Techniques
6. Early to Rise and Early to Sleep
7. Brain Activation
8. Memory Techniques
9. Effective Communication Skills
10. Sound Health
11. Stress Management
12. Time Management
13. Financial Management
14. Love and Harmony
15. Temptations
16. ZEN Techniques
17. Down-to-Earth Techniques
18. Patriotism
19. Celebrate
Ready Reckoner
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Life Skills to Excel in Life
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Life Skills to Excel in Life
This is not another book on self-developme...
INR  295.00
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